Business Solutions

Quality Results, low cost solutions


Working from client concepts and ideas as well as sketches  and drawings, Kritex can: 

- Engineer solutions

- Create CAD 3D modeling data and production drawings

 - Transform drawings into 3D images and models true to form and function

- Manage all phases of the product along the way.



Kritex Llc Mechanical Engineering, offering a variety of solutions to our clients, including Solidworks, 3dvia composer, cnc machining, fabrication, prototyping and more.  We would love to see how we can help you accomplish your business needs today!
- CAD 3D modeling

- technical manual development

- production drawings

- industrial solutions

- commercial pproducts

- design elements and schematics

- 3d animations
- mechanical functions

- functional renderings

- cnc machininG

- Lathe


From simple assembly to concept design and production, Kritex has the ability to make your product or solution come to life.  With an on-site shop, we can build models or full-size products.


Building Working Relationships

Kritex is a local business and we enjoy working with our neighbors - near and far.  We treat all customers as if they are our most valued, because they are.  Whether we interact face-to-face or through technology, we seek to build positive and lasting relationships


Keeping It Relevant

We work hard to stay up to date with technology and trends so that we can serve our customers as best as possible.  Having the latest information and tools helps us to provide superior service to our clients and remain competitive.

Some of the ways we can help include:

​- Instruction in design strategies

​- Drawing and design standards

​- Best practices in SolidWorks

- File management and structure guidance

​- Design procedure development

- SolidWorks software support


Custom product development calls for communication and collaboration.  At Kritex, we work one-on-one with design professionals and business owners.  Building relationships is a foundation for what we do.

Dependent upon the needs and desires of the customer, our consultants are able to help in person, via phone, email or video conferencing.   If you bring us something new, our engineers would love to work with you to find the solution.  Throughout the working relationship, we are available to offer support as well as provide technical assistance for design related questions. 

Kritex has 2 CNC machines and a lathe on site able to create and adapt a variety of media, from steel and plastic to wood and foam.  Able to run custom single pieces or a series of parts, we can help you create and produce the parts you need to move forward.